2021 Planning – Who Will You Impact?

2021 Planning

Who Will You Impact?



Release what occurred in 2020 and the past, and Reach Forward


For most of the world, 2020 was not what they planned.  Was it for you?

If it wasn’t, have you done your 2021 planning?

Don’t play small. Playing small will keep you where you are and nothing will change.

Focus on where you are going. Take any lessons from the past, then let it go.

Focus on Growth and Taking Action. Dean Graziosi has a saying…..  BE DISTURBED with LACK OF ACTION!

What actions can you plan and take to move forward.



Create Your 2021 Plan


Decide where you want to be by the end of the year in life and business. List a couple priorities for life and business. Do you need to build your email list?  Do you need to create a course to sell?

List at least 50 tasks you can do to accomplish each item.  Do you need to network in social groups? Do you need to record your lessons for your course?

Each week at the same time schedule your Office Hours for your business. At the beginning of the week, assign a priority task to each hour scheduled that week.



Commit To Your 2021 Plan


What keeps you focused and committed?

Are you committed to grow your business because of your children’s or family’s needs?

Are you committed to grow your business because you want to help others learn about, overcome, or avoid something you have a special knowledge about?

Do you need a backup plan, a just in case plan?

Do you desire to be able to be there for family, friends, those in need and have the ability to help out when and where needed?

What needs to change to stay committed?



Change and upgrade your Mindset and your Habits in your 2021 Plan


What habits need to be replace with a better habit? Do you need to change your sleep schedule? Do you need to get more sleep so you can be more creative?

Are your thoughts holding you back?  Is your brain sabotaging your success by keeping you from taking chances so you stay ‘safe’?

I’ve heard it takes at least 21 days, and some cases at least 66 days to replace one habit with a new habit.  Do whatever it takes to replace habits and thoughts that are holding you back.

Listen to people that inspire and educate you every day. Surround yourself with ways to stay on track.

Do you need to stop listening to the news?

Remember to focus on what you can control. Dwelling on what you cannot control does not do any good.  It is a complete waste of time and mental energy. That same energy could be used to help others and be more productive in your business.

Override the thoughts your brains sends you to try to keep you from challenging yourself.



Challenge yourself to Learn and Improve Every Day as part of your 2021 Plan


What small challenge can you take each day that will hep you grow personally or professionally? These don’t have to be monumental challenges to make a difference in the long term.  Small shifts every day make a huge difference in the direction of your life.

Do you need to practice Facebook Live video or Instagram live video?

Do you need to eat less sugar do you have more overall energy to be more productive?

What about that Skype, Zoom, or phone call you have been avoiding?

Take a chance and claim the small successes each day and week. Celebrate them!!!


Choose Yourself


Remembering to focus time for learning and improving  yourself will have a great impact on how you can effectively help others in their lives.  Choose yourself. Take time. Plan your own education and take time for self care each week.



Claim Your Successes


Learn from mistakes or setbacks. Keep a list to look back at.

Take time to Celebrate the Successes.



Celebrate Your Wins


When was the last time you celebrated a great decision or outcome in your life?

Or did you just breeze by it and say ‘Next’ and jump right into the next item on your To-Do list, forgetting about the great thing that just happened. Even if it was a small success…….



Make it a great 2021 everyone!