Have you created your plan for your business for 2021 Yet?


Have you created your plan for your business for 2021 Yet?


Do you plan to make 2021 better than 2020?  The end of 2020 did not go as well as I had hoped. Personal family circumstances took over because I allowed them to, and because I did not have a set plan in place to stay committed to, to even make small steps toward each day/week.

Do you know where to start?


Start with the BIG GOALS for the YEAR

Set them big…..something you are not certain you can achieve, even scared you might not.

How much do you want to make a month?   How big of an email list do you want to grow?

Do you have a course you are creating?  Set a deadline for when it has to be completed.   How many do you want to sell?


Break the Big Goals Down

Start with this Quarter ending March 31, 2021, what is the section of the big goal you want to accomplish this quarter?

Then break the Quarter goals into what you want to accomplish this next Month and set some deadlines.

What deadlines will you need to meet this week?


Why Deadlines?

Deadlines give us a timeframe to meet.

For many people, if there is not a deadline, procrastination can take hold from lack of commitment.

Remember those writing assignments in high school or college or work projects you kept putting off?  How many of you would put them off until you had BARELY enough time to complete them?

If you are one that tends to work this way…..Your business needs to have deadlines you commit to so you can see steady progress being made.



Break the goals created into tasks that need to be completed.

What task  need to be done to reach that goal?

Brainstorm to come up with your list of tasks.  If you belong to groups on social media or forums online, what are some of those people that have businesses talking about doing?

Find a group to belong to that shares ideas and asks each other for input.

Write down anything and everything that comes to mind.

You will learn of more tasks as you start working on your list of tasks.

Some tasks you list will be more important than others, but this will be a list you can create your weekly schedule from.


Examples of my tasks this quarter:

  • Create list of 100 content ideas (for when I have a creativity block for my next blog post).
  • Review old posts for needed updates.
  • Research for next post
  • Write next post
  • Learn and Use Trello (create weekly/monthly schedule, project planning)
  • Take a traffic course
  • Network in groups and forums to learn questions my potential client may be asking for Content/Course topic ideas
  • Write emails for autoresponder
  • Review incoming business emails
  • Decide topics for 2 new freebies/Opt-Ins
  • Create Opt-Ins
  • Set-up Opt-In on website


Create your Weekly Office Hours

What hours are you committed to doing the tasks that will Move The Needle (make a difference in your business growth)

How many hours do you want to work a week?

Do you work better in the mornings or evenings?

If you work full time, do you want to work for an hour or two in the mornings and evenings?

Do you want to schedule weekend hours?

For each half hour or hour write a task down that you will work on that helps meet the deadlines created for this week and month.

Work your plan each day.  Don’t give up if you miss scheduled time…..Jump right into the next scheduled time.

Keep moving forward and you will make progress little by little.



Desmond Tutu once wisely said that “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” What he meant by this is that everything in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be accomplished gradually by taking on just a little at a time.


Take Action NOW!

What are you committed to accomplishing this year?

What deadlines have you set up for the next week?

Tale time now to set up your commitments and deadlines.

Have fun with it!