What You Didn’t Know About Blogging When You Started

What You Didn’t Know

About Blogging When You Started


My journey is progressing as I learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Keeping to my scheduled office hours each week to research and write my blog posts is getting better each week.

Life ultimately throws us all curve balls. Full time or part time steady job and family can take priority. However I’ve learned from others, even fitting 15 minutes in a day to update things can help keep you going and focused.


Keeping up with Site Administration


I have discovered this next week I need to fix the link to my free gift on my site.

I discovered some of my plugins were not activated. Not sure if somehow they were deactivated or never activated.


I also have updates to make on previous blog posts to make them better.

  • Adding images
  • Adding more information
  • Adding internal and external links
  • Changing some formating


Something to Learn Every Day



There is so much more than just writing a blog post that a person does not know about when starting a blog for the first time.


Sometimes it feels like a lot to learn while working full time.  Hopefully my experiences will help others.  I want to help other women entrepreneurs that need extra income. So they are able to bring in additional money while having flexibility with or without having another part time or full time job outside the home. to their job/career income or if they need to replace their job/career income.


List To Learn About Keeps Growing


Here is a list of things I am continuing to learn about or plan to learn about since starting my blog……

  • Building email list.
  • What SEO is.
  • Using keyword research.
  • Learning about backlinks and how to have them.
  • Using internal links.
  • Formatting the post for readability.
  • Adding images and where to find/edit/create them.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Use of content upgrade/lead magnets.
  • Various ways to create a valuable network.
  • Use of forums to answer questions and share link to answer in your blog.
  • Site Audits – Routinely check site links, backups, and updates.
  • Security plugin, pay attention to notifications.
  • Quora – great place to find out what people want to learn.
  • Notebook for Content Ideas (hand written or OneNote)


This past couple weeks I’ve been taking some time learning about keyword research and SEO.

I am learning about Yoast, Uber Suggests and Google. More to come on that.

Each one of those items listed above could have it’s own post and have content upgrades/lead magnets created to build an email list.

Did you know these settings exist for your blog/site?

  • Permalink structure setting (settings/permalinks)
  • Discourage search engines from indexing this site (settings/reading)


Learning Helpful or Distracting??


There are always new things to learn. They key is to decide what is a distraction and what is going to help your blog/business grow.

There are tons of plug ins to play with out there……how many do you really need?

There are lots of people wanting to teach you new things….pick a handful to learn from. Pick 3-5 so you have various input, but not too many that you get caught up in just learning and no writing or networking for your own business.

One of my coaches and someone I am an affiliate with is Dean Holland. His book Iceberg Effect is very informative on getting started in Affiliate Marketing which is an important area for many bloggers for bringing in income.  His team offers a lot of great coaching and guidance as you go through each stage of your business. Just pay shipping to get his book, Iceberg Effect, here.  Or you can click on the Profitable Blogging offer on the sidebar that brings up a Free pdf his team provides, which will then lead into the Iceberg Effect book offer.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome as much as possible…..sometimes you need to invest to learn….but again, it can just be a distraction.


Hope this helps you.

Please share if it does.