Continuing to learn about correcting site issues.

This past week, my auto responder and mail list were shut down. I received the following email:

IMPORTANT: Your Mailingboss list “Email List” is receiving automated registrations from scripts called “SPAMBOTS

This type of attack damages the reputation of your sending domain and the IPs of our servers. To preserve our servers and your domain’s ability to continue sending emails, the list has been blocked by our system.

A new list with the prefix NEW will be created in your account. The system will copy the confirmed subscribers to this new list. To use the new list, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Change the address of the capture page and add a Captcha protection; 2. Change the form on your landing page with the new list;

3. Change your campaigns and automations to the new list

This is the second time this has occurred, but I missed the first email and only discovered after someone told me when they tried to get the document on my site it was no longer working.

So, this week I am learning how to add CAPTCHA to an Opt In on my blog sidebar.

a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.

From <>

I will be looking for a different plugin for my opt in use as the one I am currently using does not have a CAPTCHA option. If anyone has any recommendations, please comment below.

I am also continuing to learn SEO and Keyword Search.

More to come soon.

Thanks for reading.