Do All Posts Need To Be Original Content?

Do All Posts Need To Be Original Content?


Do you feel like a fraud if you don’t post every blog post as original created content by YOU?


I was feeling this way. To be of value to you, I had to create all original content.


This past month, I have been researching, learning and trying some things, but nothing I have ready to write about yet.


I have decided to include curated content in the future, summarizing some articles from other places that I have found relevant and have valuable information.  If you have questions about what content curation is, one good source is The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation (With Examples!) • Smart Blogger


Also, I may write some book summary/reviews of books I am reading that I want to recommend.


Consistency is the key with a blog. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the list of To Dos and all the things to learn.


I hope my journey and lessons learned will be of help to others as they start their on line businesses.


Please comment if you have had similar experiences and what you have done to move forward.


Talk again soon.