How tightly should you narrow your niche?

How tightly should you narrow your niche?


Do you think you will not attract enough business if you narrow your niche too much?

I’ve had these concerns, but then realized the world is huge. As a business I only need to impact a small portion of people as a solo business owner. As my business grows I can expand into other areas.

This is a blog with a lot of questions to think about. ONLY YOU have the answers.


How do you narrow your niche?

Can the niche be narrowed by age?

Can the niche be narrowed by gender?

Can the niche be narrowed by topic within a topic? Maybe beginners or experts?

If you are teaching a craft, is this something a beginner would learn or something a seasoned expert would benefit from?

Can you combine two of your talents that may be different niches to create a unique custom niche of your clients?

What about location? Do you serve a group of people in a specific location?


How to attract your ideal client?

When advertising or reaching out to people, do you know who you serve?

When reaching out with organic traffic or paid traffic, is your focus too broad?

Are you attracting people that you really do not connect with?


How do you differentiate yourself from others?

What do you offer that is unique?

Do you have relatable experiences to your ideal client?

Have you or someone you helped resolved the issues your ideal clients are facing?


Be Clear on the Results you can help your Ideal Client achieve

What benefits will your client receive?

Will they create something they have been trying to do?

Will they learn a new skill?

Take the time to become clear so when someone asks you what you do, it is clear and precise and not vague.

Have fun!