What to do when Life Throws You Curve Balls

What to do when Life Throws You Curve Balls


Sometimes life will throw a wrench in your plans no matter how set in stone they may be.

How do you react when this happens? Give up?  Throw in the towel?  Restart?  Pick up where you left off? Reevaluate?

This past month various personal issues have interfered with the time I had put aside to spend working in my business each week.  I also started slacking on other personal commitments I made to myself in health and personal growth areas of my life.

Is there ever BALANCE?

Is there such a thing as BALANCE in life?  Can we work too much?  How much time do you put aside for relaxation and relationships?

I’ve heard there are certain main areas of your life to continue improving upon:

  • Health – Optimal well-being, physically and emotionally. Eat, Sleep, Exercise to maintain energy to enjoy life.
  • Mental/Emotional – Being mindful of the emotions and energy created and the meanings we give life experiences.
  • Relationships – Spending time cultivating friendships and relationships with people that have positive energy.
  • Family – Developing  connection and love with family. Enjoy time with them away from everything else.
  • Learning – Reading every day. Learn new things about yourself and develop new skills.
  • Spiritual – Becoming aware of the values and beliefs that steer our behaviors. If you believe in a higher power, how do all of these affect daily decisions for you?
  • Finances – Spending and savings habits. What is the next step?
  • Contribution – How am I giving back? Volunteering time, energy, money? What needs in the world pull tug at your heart?

If you had to rate yourself in each of the above areas on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how would you rate each of these areas in your life?

Incremental Improvements

What is one thing  you can do to improve two or three areas in your life this week?

You can also find a friend or online group that is also working on one or more of these areas of their life for social support and accountability.

Keep moving forward and on to the next step in each area.