Build Your Email List – Do You Really Need To as an Affiliate?!?

Build Your Email List – Do You Really Need To as an Affiliate?!?


Do you have an email list yet?

This was a big decision for me… to create something of value for a opt-in, what to write, time available, how to write, how often to send emails, how to set up an autoresponder…..

As an Affiliate, you can create or use opt-in pages created for you that send customers directly to the affiliate and get paid your commission.

This would require less work than building your own email list and learning how to write emails that keep your email subscribers engaged.

What is the value in a list?

When you build your own list, you own that list. You can promote any affiliate product or even your own products to them. Other ways an email list can help a business:

  • Send promotions
  • Content
  • New and Updates
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Launches

How do you start building your list?

The first thing you have to have is something of value to give a potential subscriber or customer in return for their email address. This can take be made in a variety of formats. Here are just a few:

    • Checklist
    • Video
    • PDF of 3-8 pages
    • Audio download
    • Access to a Challenge or Summit
    • Workbook
    • Email series on a specific topic


How is an Autoresponder Used?

I’ve seen a few people recommend having at least 10 emails set up in an autoresponder which has prescheduled emails ready to send based on what the opt-in was.

  • The first email is sent right after they opt in….. this first email welcomes them and has a link to their free gift.
  • The next emails in the autoresponder can be related to what they signed up for or an affiliate or your own product promotion currently going on.

The recommendation is to send an email at least daily with these first 10 emails. If promoting a product, have 7 content emails and 3 promotional emails.


How Often to Email Your List?

After the first set of emails in the autoresponder, how often should you send emails?  I’ve heard once a week from some people, to every day from other. This may vary by niche and the responses you get from your subscribers.


What to send?

There are three basic types of emails I’ve heard of: Content, Pitch, and Story.  Mix these up when sending email so subscribers get a variety.

  • STORY EMAIL – this email format will help you build a relationship with your subscriber.  Connect with them on an emotional level. Build the story they can follow. Lead them to the main point and make sure they know why this main point of the story is so important to you and to them.
  • CONTENT EMAIL – this email format is to add value. Establish the topic and point of the email. Give high value information, then direct them on what they should do next. i.e., click on a link, go to a website.
  • PITCH EMAIL – this email format is designed to sell something. In order to have a profitable business, you have to bring in money. Don’t sell something you would not buy or don’t know anything about. Establish in the email how this product or service can help the subscriber. What pain point can it help them with? How did it help you? Sell them on clicking the link, not on buying the product. If it is a good product, your subscribers will WANT to know about it.

Formatting tips

Other writing tips, add visuals, break up the email with varying lengths of sentences/paragraphs. Do Not use large paragraphs as readers tend to get loss of focus with too many words together. And VERY IMPORTANT…….READ your email OUT LOUD to see if it flows.


Email Subject – Most Important part of an email

The subject line is the Most Important part of the email. It has to be enticing enough to get the reader to open the email to read the contents.  Be specific, or ask an enticing question or make a catchy statement.  A few good places for ideas is magazines,, for ideas they use as subject lines for articles or advertising.  Copy subject lines of email you get to a swipe you can go to for ideas.

Did you know?!? …….. Google has the control over if your email even makes it to someone’s Inbox.  You may want to check out Jimmy Kim’s course in #LurnNation( – Email Secrets: What Gmail Doesn’t Want You To Know. It is a FREE course.


Tracking results

Check your numbers in your autoresponder software for every email sent out. Check things like click through rate, open rate, and earnings per click….this will help identify which emails are opened the most.


Thinking about writing emails was a scary topic at first. I still have a lot to apply and learn in this area, but I hope this information was helpful.

If you are just starting your business, what topics are you interested in learning about?

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