Do You Enjoy Sales?!?

Do You Enjoy Sales?!?


It is August, 2020. This week I have spent time on my organic traffic strategy on Facebook.  I have also attended a free challenge on Rise Up World Facebook group called Sales Made Easy, and the topic of conversation and training with my coach was persuasion.

Mental Blocks / Hang Ups with Selling

Does anyone else have a difficult time putting themselves out there and selling your products or service?  What are your mental blocks or hang ups with selling?  Mine is the fear of coming across as ‘Pushy’.

Did you know ‘PUSHY’ is the most common word used when people thing of sales or salespeople?  The book To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink has been sitting on my bookshelf unread until this past weekend. He did a survey asking people what their first thoughts were about sales or salespeople and PUSHY was the top on the list.

Something we experienced or saw in a movie or on TV possibly established our mental blocks towards sales.

Grant Cardone hated sales!

Grant Cardone(said to be the best salesperson trainer in the world) said this in a recorded video I heard in the Facebook group for Rise Up World. He told his uncle when he was unemployed after college: “I didn’t go to college to be a car sales man, or a salesman.”  Grant does not know where he learned that being a salesperson was bad.

He went into sales hating it. It took him two years to get over his degraded mindset against sales. He didn’t feel good at it and didn’t like to talk with people unless it was one on one.  He had poor communication skills and was not good at building rapport with people.  The only way to get better is to keep practicing.

Keep It Simple

When first staring, don’t try to implement every sales strategy.  Pick 2-3 that can be done together to start with.

A few SIMPLE strategies I am going to use along with my Organic Facebook strategy is to `

  1. 1) “Dating” SAM – At least 3 days a week, Block times out every day to do my sales and marketing activities, and
  2. 2) Know Your Why – make it bigger than meeting your budget.  What impact do you want to have for your customers – Service selling is EASY. Salesy selling is HARD.
  3. 3) Make it about the potential client. Know what their pain point is.  Ask questions. Get to know them. Find what issues they are contending with right now. Give value by helping them with solutions.

There are so many various types of sales strategies using social media, video scripts, challenges, etc. Incorporating all can be daunting when first starting, but the goal is to eventually try as many as possible over time to find what will work for you.

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