Do You Procrastinate?

Do You Procrastinate?

As I move through planning each day and week, I find myself getting distracted by things that can potentially help me, but may not be the ‘right’ thing to focus on now.  Some say the ‘right’ thing(s) are ‘Needle Movers’.

Needle Movers might be something like working on networking, building relationships to create organic traffic.  Making needed updates to the website to add affiliate links.

This week, the topic of a mastermind I am in was planning and in a coaching session I was in the topic was productivity.

I posted the following question in the master mind Facebook group:

I haven’t in the past been very good with self imposed deadlines,

unlike when going through college classes or job deadlines….

I may have put things off but they always got done by the deadline

as I knew there was no extension.  Anyone else tend to do this?

A number of people replied that they are also working to overcome the same type of issue.  I found a few suggestions recently that I will expand on below:

Brendon Burchard has a few online videos on the topic.  One talks about 3 ways we tend to procrastinate:

  • Doubt:  We doubt ourselves, our abilities, our worthiness.
  • Delay:  We get distracted by other things we think we should do.
  • Division: Our perception of the gap between us and others holds us back.

“Procrastination happens when it is easier, more comfortable, more certain, more pleasureful to be distracted than to sit down and do the necessary work.” ~ Brendon Burchard

Another of Brendon Burchard’s videos talks further about solutions. What types of Actions can help us move forward. He recommends Project Planning each week, Visualizing, and Socialize.


  • Do this weekly, every Sunday. Prepare and step through the project so you have a bigger picture of projects coming up. Figure out the big steps and have a timeline for them. Then work backwards to create steps that need to happen now.  Break the steps down into tasks and then DAILY To-Dos.
  • If you do not have clarity of the steps to completion, your heart will ask to pause. You brain will find it difficult to act if you do not have complete picture of the project.


  • Do this daily. Visualize and affirm what about to go do the next day or that day.  For 20-30 minutes step through whole day with emotions of each part of the day.


  • Share your agenda with other people.  Get a workout team, book club, mastermind. Speak your goals/tasks that you are committing to with others – the tasks become more real.

I will be putting the above steps into place this week. Refocusing in my organic Facebook networking and traffic generation.

Let me know what has worked for you to overcome procrastination.

Thanks for reading!