Why a Blog and Affiliate Marketing as an Online Business?

Why a Blog and Affiliate Marketing as an Online Business?


Welcome back to my journey as I create my on line business.

I’m still working on setting up my website with affiliate links, my About Me page and other items to complete my site.  I also work a full time job while working on creating content and learning more about this industry.

Why did I choose to start my business with a blog and Affiliate Marketing?  Affiliate Marketing is a good way to start an online business and also something that can be added to an existing business as another stream of income.

As I’m setting my blog and affiliate marketing business up, I’m learning the basics for any online business. This includes: acquiring a domain, getting website hosting and setting up the site using WordPress. As I move forward I’ll be learning about sending people to my site using various types of online traffic, both organic and paid. I will also be learning about using keywords and using SEO when writing content for my blog.

Affiliate Marketing allows me to promote other people’s product for a payment without having to have my own products right away.  As I grow and learn, I will be creating my own products.

Almost any type of business can use affiliate marketing, which entrusts the marketing of that business’s products to others.  There are many places to find products to promote as an affiliate marketer. I’ll write more in the future as I learn and expand the products and businesses I work with to promote as an affiliate.

Links can be set up on my blog pages to promote these products or I can set up landing pages to promote products. Both require somehow sending traffic to them via organic or paid traffic.  I’ll be starting with organic traffic.

As a solo entrepreneur building an online business requires the time needed to learn and to be willing to put in the time to build organic traffic if you do not have the funds to pay for traffic.

Another requirement is to provide quality and valuable information people can use if you want to keep growing your business and have people come back to keep learning and refer others to your business.

Almost everywhere I read and existing online business owners/bloggers I listen to, are saying if you are building with organic traffic to start out and working about 10 hours per week, you can expect to start brining in income between 6-12 months out. The more time spent each week, the quicker you will make your first income.

My 1 year goal is to get this blog and affiliated marketing business bringing in some income, then to expand to writing my own courses and coaching. Then eventually down the road expand into another niche.

I do plan to write here about how a new online entrepreneur can find their niche. It took me quite some time to narrow down and decide where I wanted to start. I am hoping I can be of help to others so they don’t spin their wheels as long as I did in that decision process.

Thanks for reading