How I arrived at my current Niche……

How I arrived at my current Niche……

First….some things I considered when trying to decide on my niche…..

What are you passionate about?

4 Main areas Niches fit into:

Wealth, Health, Relationships, Hobbies, though not all niches in these areas would be considered profitable niches.

Do you have specific skills you can teach?

What do you use a lot of in your home? Look around.

What have you bought a lot of?

Have you used specific diet?

Teach a language, craft?

How I arrived at my current Niche……

About 6 years ago I became a certified coach. However I could not determine what niche in the coaching industry I wanted to focus on.

I also learned about affiliate marketing and some great entrepreneurs who taught about how to start a business online and become and affiliate marketer for various businesses that already have their own products.

I was also interested in learning about the Paleo and eventually a few year later the Keto diet. I thought about starting a blog in the health & wellness area focusing on Gluten free, Paleo, and Keto.

I was thinking, I’ll work on all three businesses at once. No problem…… work full time, do my volunteer work at least 5 days a week (almost like having a part time job), and fit in time for building a business.

Not the best decision. When life events sideswiped me, I did not have the mindset established or ability to try to balance everything. Starting my own business went on the back burner.

Jump to now, years later, after further questions about where I should start as my first business after hearing many business trainers and coaches say that the best way to start is focusing on one niche. This way that niche gets all your time and can be built faster than trying to build 2 or more businesses at a time.

I still wasn’t sure how to do coaching as a business and affiliate marketing as a business.  What group of people did I want to focus on helping?

Then I realized I really need to learn a lot about starting and building a business online.  I could share that with people that are also trying to do this.

I would like to help others who are trying to find their niche, hopefully find their niche faster than I found mine.

I finally figured out how to combine the things I wanted to do into one business in phases.  One at a time, not all at once, which was causing my overwhelm.

As I learn and grow, I will eventually add coaching and courses to my business and live events.  All as future plans, depending how my business progresses.

Thanks for reading