Affiliate links, Emails, Autoresponders, Free Gift (Lead Magnets)

Affiliate links, Emails, Autoresponders, Free Gift (Lead Magnets)

Hi everyone,

This week I’ve been working on setting up some affiliate requirements before putting the links on my site.

One of the affiliates I chose to work with so far includes autoresponder emails to send to prospective customers. They also offer a couple Private Rights Label(PLR) documents that can be used as something of value to giveaway when someone becomes a part of your email list(opt-in/lead magnet).  These can be branded to your business and edited to be less generic and sound more like you wrote them.

Creating valuable free content to offer as an opt-in/lead magnet can be challenging when just starting out.  This was an area I let hold me up in starting my business….. I wasn’t sure what to write in emails and how to create valuable content to offer for free in some sort of document, video, or other format.

Privates Rights Label(PLR) can help in this area, but from everyone I’ve listened to, make sure to make it your own, don’t use as is.

At the same time, I think it is important to start creating your own documents.  For me, to be able to write my own blog posts, emails, lead magnets, courses will mean I am absorbing what I am learning and can share that with others by sharing my experiences.

PLR also takes funding. So if you have a budget for this it may help you out.  In my case, I’m working on a low budget, looking at free traffic and will write as much of my own stuff as possible.

More next week….