Facebook Live?  Is Fear Holding You Back?

Facebook Live?  Is Fear Holding You Back?


How many of you have used Facebook Live?  I ‘m coming to understand how useful it can be when building a business if you have your own page or group to reach the members. It is live and FREE.

So this was another step for me this week, I did my first live in someone else’s private Facebook group as part of a challenge.

……..I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but knew what I wanted to say…….. My words were there and sorta organized……but NO video, just sound. I had forgot to use the camera pointing at me and the case was closed on the other side, so the video was black

My redo, I lost track of what I was saying so just suggested they listed to the live with no video. Oh well.

If you are not using Facebook live for your business or introducing yourself in groups you belong to what is holding you back?


What is Holding You Back From Using Facebook LIVE?

  • In any Private Facebook group, none of your friends list is notified of your live posts or any other posts unless they are also part of that group.
  • If you are afraid of messing up what you are saying, write a few notes to tape to your phone or computer to remind you what you are saying.
  • Start in a safe place….a group you are comfortable in. Talk for less than 5 minutes to get used to going live.
  • One big thing for me….what will people think?  People will always judge. You have to decide how much it matters to you.  This is a BIG MINDSET thing.  You and only you can decide YOU ARE ENOUGH. Write in your journal and on your mirror. I AM ENOUGH.


A couple things I’ve learned after doing my first live…..

  • Make sure the lighting is good. Do not have your back to the light source, like a window, it makes your face dark.
  • I held the camera in a vertical position. Holding it horizontal looks better I’ve been told, and have noticed from other live videos.
  • I also learned, you can also test on your profile, set the Privacy setting to Only Me, so only you can see the final post.  Then you can review……however….don’t get in perfectionist mode where you analyze it and keep redoing it trying to be perfect.  One thing about Facebook Live – I don’t think most people expect perfection.  Things happen when someone is recording live…..the animals jump in front of you, etc.  Make fun of the things that aren’t just right.


One great benefit when going live in small groups – you can interact with people viewing.  Say hello to each if there are only a few.  Try to answer some of their question if you have time.

Captions cab be added after you Finish the live, letting people know what it is about.

Posting live daily can be a good challenge to get more comfortable with being on camera, talking for a period of time, and learning all the extra bells and whistles (other than starting and finishing.

When will you do your first live or start going live more consistently in your group?